I have come across a lot of New Year’s resolutions – impressive. I mean many people have really raised the bar very high, year in – year out. That is okay. It is important to have expectations and to set goals; if you can work hard to achieving all that has been planned. However, it is sad to notice that something very important usually misses out on most Zambian New Year resolutions-reading! Of course, some people will say that if their resolution is to go to college or university, then the assumption is that they will be required to read. Granted, but would that be reading or studying, after all it is a requirement. I am talking about reading as a lifestyle. Making time and deliberately investing in reading. This is not the kind that people do on social media; you know, come across a short little something and waste your time reading it, no, not that kind of thing. Don’t get me wrong, if you are in school or college, please by all means study.

Reading as a lifestyle must be planned for. It is a habit that needs to be developed to a point that when you do not read, you feel hurt or as if you have lost something IMPORTANT. Yes, IMPORTANT, I said it, reading is very IMPORTANT. Reading draws us into the message and makes us part of the plot. We get emotionally attached. The diction feeds our imagination in the way the author wanted us to see his or her ideas. Therefore, make reading a resolution each year. Which books are you going to read? How many books? You can make your selection by author or titles. For example, I am into Dan Brown, Lee Child, Alex Cross – so I am always on the look out for their latest books. I also like to pop in local authors like Luka Mwango- I cannot wait to read his latest book ‘Twisted’. Then I have my African favourites. I also make it a point to read some history, religion and motivational books. This is a rich list and requires time. Well, make the TIME! There will never be a best time to read other than the time you make to read that book, sacrifice television if you must- did I say TV! Oh my! But yes, television, though debatable, teaches less skills than reading. That is another topic.

Then when you pick up reading as a lifestyle, invest in books. It is actually very nice to own a book. Buy one from the book store and these days most Zambian stores are ready for the avid reader, they will order for you if they do not have what you want. Or better still, you can order your copy online, there is a life size online book store- we are becoming a paperless society, right? Join local and virtual book clubs. There are your sources. You have no excuse. Make reading your New Year’s resolution and be part of the Zambians who read!

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