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Kafula's Essentials: A Short Story Collection


Here is just a little snippet of what this amazing collection by Zambia’s fastest rising literary star, Kafula Mwila, has to offer.
……. Today, he had stopped over at the Cathedral. He had arrived in the morning. After parking his car, he had walked as if in a hurry, only to stop in front of the building. He had made up his mind. His eyes fell on the steps. He knew exactly how many steps led to the top. 
‘Seventy-seven’, he muttered……..
……….She pulled the cover up to her chest, picked a book from the side table and started to read. This was her way of wiling away the lonely nights that she usually spent in this mansion. She thought about her husband Shadreck, who was an absentee husband because he spent almost all his time with his long standing girlfriend, Felicia……
……….. May we as powerful gods created in the great image
Not lose this exertion on our part for posterity’s sake and age
Let us restrain the urge to degrade the endowed splendor
Let us constantly imprison that selfish need 
To wage the egoistic fights which might render?
The finality of our very existence to a time that lacks tender?.........

…….. Well lately, the market has become my favourite spot. My hair took me there- trust me, you have not had a bad hair day yet. One thing you must know is that there are many plush hair parlours in Zambia but the hair dressers at Kabwata Market have a unique skill that matches none in the classy salons splattered across chic shopping malls. Besides, who wouldn’t want to save two thirds of the cost? ‘No! With hair, ‘cheap is never expensive’ lol…


‘DEFLOWERED’ is every woman’s story. It goes without saying that if ‘you are not affected then at least you know someone who is’. Kafula tells the story of two friends passionately who are victims of sexual crimes. The two friends, Sali and Lynn, meet later and become close friends who fight against the stigma of being sexually violated by men whom they thought were their best friends; for Sali her uncle Bento and Lynn, her own father. The story portrays how such a friendship, can help rebuild broken fences; trust, self-esteem and dignity. Sali is afraid to fall in love. But with Lynn’s encouragement, she gives it a go only to discover later that not only is the man cheating on her, but he is also about to have a baby with her best friend. Deflowered is a book that gives hope to women that even if your life is ‘Deflowered’, the ‘flowers’ can still grow again.

Shorn Lambs Of The City


SHORN LAMBS OF THE CITY-is based on a fictitious compound-Shanghai, where Mama Rose conducts a business that has unified the people from the shanty and those from upper class residential areas. It is a story about lust, deceit, greed and selfishness as young girls are used for the sole gain of the adults. Just like the other children who are ‘shorn’ by the unscrupulous businesswoman Rose, Flora is an innocent teenager whose fate is destroyed and life changed forever, by Gerard, her best friend’s father. Gerard Mwenyemwaya -Government Minister in charge of Culture, Gender and Child Development. It is a lucrative business for Mama Rose and she will go to great lengths to protect the trade she has built over the years.

Growing Your Spirit


When we account for the growth of a human being, we must do so for all three dimensions of human life; the sprint, the body and the mind. Physical developments are very easily seen. Mental growth can equally be observed through things like behavioural change, maturity among many other things. However, there is a spirit that lives inside a human being. The ‘invisible’, yet most significant growth takes place there and the result influences the entire life of a person. This book speaks about taking up a life journey that leads to spiritual growth; a process which takes one to a point where they begin to live a successful and fulfilled life.
‘The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly’ JOHN 10:10

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