Munyinda N C Nambula

photoThis month we feature a young and up coming author, who has chosen to use his life and personal experiences to influence others in his generation! His debut play ‘Is this real love? 31 Days ‘ speaks volumes about the anxieties, challenges and desires of young people’.


Question: What are your full names?


Answer: My names are Munyinda N C Nambula


Question: When where you born?


Answer: I was born on the 2nd of February, 1986.


Question : Have you always wanted to be a writer?


Answer: Yes I have.


Question: What was the first book you wrote and what was it about?


Answer: The first book I wrote was ” Is this real love? 31days”. Inspired by my own personal love encounters I embarked on writing what I term an inspirational love story.


Question: How was your family taken to your writing?


Answer: My family has been very supportive. They have always believed in my ability to write and where very excited when i finally published my first book, lamenting; ” Munyinda, you are never short of surprises. Keep aiming high.”


Question: Have you written anything else or do you plan to write another book.


Answer: I recently published my second book on amazon kindle entitled ” Is it fair”. This book concentrates on my views on the controversial Baroste Agreement of 1964 and some of its unfair and fair provisions. In it I have quoted researched material from Dr Mbita Chitala, Rodger Chongwe, Akashambatwa Mbikusita lewanika and Nyambe Simushi.


Iam currently working on my next book which is a research and a comprehensive interview with Pastor Daniel Chunga ” President of the Copperbelt field of the Seventh Day Adventist Church answering a hypothetical question ” divorce must it be an option? marriage; should it be feared?.”


Question: What are some of the Challenges that you encounter?


Answer: The only two major challenges I have faced are the high publishing costs in the Zambia and raising Zambian interest into locally written books.


Question: What are your thoughts on writing in Zambia and what words of Advise would you give to young upcoming Zambian writers.


Answer: Writing in Zambia is a fast growing field and more and more Zambians are fast knowing the best ways to publish. The only area where Zambian writers need grow awareness in is in having managers to manage there work and that includes marketing both them and there books. Writers need to understand that their growth will be slow if they split their concentration between writing and marketing their books as well as financial management. We need to understand that apart from this being a gift, it is a business as well.


my keen advise to the young upcoming writers is for them to keep writing. That is the surest way to preserve both history and our most treasured thoughts. Without writers, learning would be very difficult. That is how important writers are. So they should never give up besides the challenges.

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