Kafula’s Essentials: A Short Story Collection

Here is just a little snippet of what this amazing collection by Zambia’s fastest rising literary star, Kafula Mwila, has to offer.
……. Today, he had stopped over at the Cathedral. He had arrived in the morning. After parking his car, he had walked as if in a hurry, only to stop in front of the building. He had made up his mind. His eyes fell on the steps. He knew exactly how many steps led to the top. 
‘Seventy-seven’, he muttered……..
……….She pulled the cover up to her chest, picked a book from the side table and started to read. This was her way of wiling away the lonely nights that she usually spent in this mansion. She thought about her husband Shadreck, who was an absentee husband because he spent almost all his time with his long standing girlfriend, Felicia……

……….. May we as powerful gods created in the great image
Not lose this exertion on our part for posterity’s sake and age
Let us restrain the urge to degrade the endowed splendor
Let us constantly imprison that selfish need 
To wage the egoistic fights which might render?
The finality of our very existence to a time that lacks tender?.........

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