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Born on September 2, 1969, in Zambia, Kafula has grown up in her country for the most part of her life. She is a self-motivated, energetic, enthusiast who pursues the arts with much passion. “I ‘believe in living life to the fullest and enjoying every facet of creation with every opportunity’. Kafula lives her life purposefully and insists that every person has a path and that they should follow it through because that is where true happiness is found. ‘Trying to walk the life of another person can be exhausting and difficult’.

Her personal beliefs and experiences form the basis of Kafula’s writing career. Every person has a gift which is meant to help them lead a significant life on earth but they should share it with the world for the betterment of other people and the place we live in. Through her writing, Kafula reveals issues that human kind faces every day and through her themes and plots shows how central the power of the Creator of the universe is in the day to day activities of human kind. Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, Kafula’s writing is powerful to captivate and influence her audiences on ideas that she carefully elaborates with a rare and unique narrative skill. Those who have read her work attest to her strong use of visible descriptive and emotive diction that make her writing non-stop reads. However, she does not stop there, Kafula is a dynamic artist; she has awakened within herself every facet of her ability to make her life a point of interest and inspiration for others. Her hobbies are her life and she has managed to fuse her interests into her daily work. One cannot ignore her love for world cultures, people, nature and the environment as she expresses it in her photography. Kafula is passionate about fashion and design and insists on wearing unique pieces that she carefully infuses with textures, colours and designs from across the world. On top of that Kafula loves cooking-trying out tastes and flavours from places she has visited. These hobbies are at the core of her life and she spends immense time developing them to the extent that she is able to churn an income out of them. Kafula’s writing career which commenced in 2009 includes two novels, a collection of short stories, a collection of poems and a motivational book which talks about her personal and spiritual journey toward a success. Through her dynamism, she has also worked with local and international writing platforms, having published in the Femrite Uganda Anthology of African Women Writers in 2012, Caine Prize Anthology for African Writers in 2016, Writivism Anthology in 2017 and with the Department of Literature at Makerere University, she was one of the contributing writers in an anthology to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the Department in 2017. Through her blogs, ‘Toward a Zambian Genre’, one can follow her discussions on the development of the creative writing industry in Zambia. She is also a contributing writer to the Urban Xpress Magazine.

 ‘Art is the expression of life, the life that a creative God made for mankind to live abaundantly!

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