‘DEFLOWERED’ is every woman’s story. It goes without saying that if ‘you are not affected then at least you know someone who is’. Kafula tells the story of two friends passionately who are victims of sexual crimes. The two friends, Sali and Lynn, meet later and become close friends who fight against the stigma of being sexually violated by men whom they thought were their best friends; for Sali her uncle Bento and Lynn, her own father. The story portrays how such a friendship, can help rebuild broken fences; trust, self-esteem and dignity. Sali is afraid to fall in love. But with Lynn’s encouragement, she gives it a go only to discover later that not only is the man cheating on her, but he is also about to have a baby with her best friend. Deflowered is a book that gives hope to women that even if your life is ‘Deflowered’, the ‘flowers’ can still grow again.

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