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Now available on Amazon Kafula's Essentials: A Short Story Collection "Click On The Image Below"


Here is just a little snippet of what this amazing collection by Zambia’s fastest rising literary star, Kafula Mwila, has to offer.
……. Today, he had stopped over at the Cathedral. He had arrived in the morning. After parking his car, he had walked as if in a hurry, only to stop in front of the building. He had made up his mind. His eyes fell on the steps. He knew exactly how many steps led to the top. 
‘Seventy-seven’, he muttered……..
……….She pulled the cover up to her chest, picked a book from the side table and started to read. This was her way of wiling away the lonely nights that she usually spent in this mansion. She thought about her husband Shadreck, who was an absentee husband because he spent almost all his time with his long standing girlfriend, Felicia……
……….. May we as powerful gods created in the great image
Not lose this exertion on our part for posterity’s sake and age
Let us restrain the urge to degrade the endowed splendor
Let us constantly imprison that selfish need 
To wage the egoistic fights which might render?
The finality of our very existence to a time that lacks tender?.........

…….. Well lately, the market has become my favourite spot. My hair took me there- trust me, you have not had a bad hair day yet. One thing you must know is that there are many plush hair parlours in Zambia but the hair dressers at Kabwata Market have a unique skill that matches none in the classy salons splattered across chic shopping malls. Besides, who wouldn’t want to save two thirds of the cost? ‘No! With hair, ‘cheap is never expensive’ lol

Now Available On Amazon "Click The Image"


‘DEFLOWERED’ is every woman’s story. It goes without saying that if ‘you are not affected then at least you know someone who is’. Kafula tells the story of two friends passionately who are victims of sexual crimes. The two friends, Sali and Lynn, meet later and become close friends who fight against the stigma of being sexually violated by men whom they thought were their best friends; for Sali her uncle Bento and Lynn, her own father. The story portrays how such a friendship, can help rebuild broken fences; trust, self-esteem and dignity. Sali is afraid to fall in love. But with Lynn’s encouragement, she gives it a go only to discover later that not only is the man cheating on her, but he is also about to have a baby with her best friend. Deflowered is a book that gives hope to women that even if your life is ‘Deflowered’, the ‘flowers’ can still grow again.


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Now available for purchase on www.amazon.com/kafulamwila "CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW"

Now available for purchase on www.amazon.com/kafulamwila "CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW"


The adage, ‘if wishes were horses, even beggars could ride’, makes one think about some issues critically. For example, could things have been different for this country in terms of development in general if literacy levels were higher? If the percentage of literate Zambians was higher, would we have had a better Zambia? There are many drivers of country’s development and literacy is one of them. ‘A reading nation is a leading nation’; it is a nation that is able to understand basics that lead to growth. For instance, it is believed that about half of women’s health issues can be resolved if women could read. Unfortunately, women comprise a larger percentage of the population that can neither read nor write. It is this section of women who are also burdened with the larger share of caring for the family, yet they fall in the bracket of the people that cannot access most of the services including education and other literacy programmes.

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On developing the literary arts in Zambia-with a focus on fiction writing.


I have attended a number of exorcism sessions and have had the opportunity to conduct a few- truth be told, it is just another realm that is beyond human understanding. Exorcisms vary from religion to religion; bottom line is there are some spiritual forces that live among us and in some cases in us. Superstitious? Well, here is the problem, a large percentage of Zambia’s population remains illiterate 50 years after independence. Want the facts and figures? Google it or simply look around in your extended family and count how many are literate- get the picture?

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On developing the literary arts in Zambia-with a focus on fiction writing.



I wish to open the discussion by applauding the gallant men and women who, under very difficult circumstances stand on the frontlines of the education system to deliver to as many as possible the much needed education. Zambia is to a very large extent an academic nation whose job market still depends on qualified people. Until the non-formal sector opens more, the demand for education will keep going high. But the outstanding question is, are these efforts by  teachers enough to improve the literacy levels of Zambians, whether they live in the urban or rural areas.

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On developing the literary arts in Zambia-with a focus on fiction writing.



Zambia inherited its school curricula from the colonial masters and since then very little has been done to align the various syllabi to the context of the Zambian environment, such as the job market, the needs of the local people and the capacities of the learners. For a long time after independence and until recently, English was and is still being used as a measure for academic achievement. A child who performed excellently in five subjects, including mathematics and science, but failed English was doomed to fail. Many Zambians were left behind at grade nine and even more at grade twelve because they could not score that prestigious distinction or merit or let alone a bear pass in English. I taught for over twenty years in the secondary school and witnessed hundreds of young people who were brilliant in many subject areas but struggled with the ‘Queen’s Language’. These could conduct fantastic experiments in the science laboratory but when it came to the actual execution of the written work and especially in the final examination where there was no teacher to give further clarification, their intelligence was reduced to the barest minimum. So the country also tied its measure of literacy to the official language. One would ask just how many have been excluded in the process, from making significant contribution to their communities, from progressing to higher levels of education because their certificate recorded an ‘F’ for English. What then should be our standard to measure the literacy levels for the citizens of Zambia? Until recently, this question was always answered that it should be one’s ability to read and write but very strongly, silently insisting that it should be in English. So without being conscious the country has promoted English as a standard of measure for one’s literacy.

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My Fashion Magazine


From being a mere wrapper to gracing the international catwalks the chitenge has surely made its mark as a glamorous fabric and gained its place as a fashion icon. The chitenge deserves a big round of applause especially here in Zambia where historically it was just a piece of cloth that women generally used at home. This is the piece of fabric that maidens received as gifts from their mothers to be used for extra covering over a short skirt or dress. The chitenge has indeed changed its status in many ways; once it was just a baby carrier or a commoner that played the role of light sheet, bath robe or just a mat to sit on; the chitenge has now taken centre piece in Zambian design.

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On developing the literary arts in Zambia-with a focus on fiction writing.


Mentorship is a deliberate programme in which young and/or upcoming writers get attached to seasoned and published writers or those who are well versed in writing as a way of learning the writing craft. The person being mentored learns by observing, listening and taking part in writing activities. Mentorship goes beyond mere supervision and tutoring. During the programme the mentor shares their time and experiences as a way of imparting writing skills. A mentor shares some of their own technics. The mentor works alongside the learner on a specific project that the learner wishes to develop and most likely publish. The main purpose of mentorship;


Featured Author-Ellen Banda

Ellen Banda Aaku (Born Ellen Banda, 6 May 1965) is a Zambian writer. She was educated at the University of Zambia where she obtained her BA in                                   Public Administration. She also holds an MA in Finance Management with Social from Middlesex University and an MA in Creative Writing from                                   University of Cape Town.

Writing Career 

Ellens' first book Wandi's Little Voice won the MacMillan Writers Prize for Africa in 2004. Of the title the judges stated, the authors style reveals a          rare gift for revealing the truth and contradictions at the core of human relationships. In 2007 Ellen won the Commonwealth short story competition for her story Sozi's Box...............Read More

Featured Author-Munyinda N.C Nambula

This month we feature a young and up coming author, who has chosen to use his life and personal experiences to influence others in his generation.

His debut play 'Is this real Love? 31 days' speaks volumes about anxieties, challenges and desires of young people.

Question: What are your names?

Answer: My names are Munyinda N.C Nambula

Question: When were you born?

Answer: I was born on the 2nd of February, 1986

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